Alam Sutera

alam sutera

The region situated southeast of Jakarta is renowned for its serene ambiance.

Located southeast of Jakarta, Alam Sutera is a mixed township at South Tangerang and Tangerang City, Banten. Alam Sutera has an area of 800 hectares which is filled with residential and commercial areas.

Interesting Places in Alam Sutera

There are various interesting places in Alam Sutera, such as Living World and Mall @ Alam Sutera which is a favorite shopping place for local residents. There is also Flavor Bliss which is a culinary center with a variety of delicious food choices.

Office and University Places in Alam Sutera

Alam Sutera has 3 office buildings namely Synergy Building, The Prominence Office Tower and Alfa Tower. There is also Binus University @Alam Sutera which is a private university with complete learning support facilities.

Access to Transportation in Alam Sutera

Alam Sutera has provided a "SuteraLoop" which is a bus to connect all areas within Alam Sutera. In addition, Alam Sutera has direct access to the Jakarta-Merak Toll Road and there is also a TransJakarta Bus which operates feeder buses to connect Alam Sutera with downtown Jakarta.