Blok M

blok m

A business district that is also famous for its culinary delights and other trendy cafes.

Block M is located in a very strategic area in South Jakarta. There are no less than 52 bus terminals in Blok M offering the most complete routes to the entire Greater Jakarta area. Starting from city buses, public transportation, intercity buses, and of course Transjakarta buses. Blok M is also equipped with access to flyovers, MRT lines, and LRT.

This area is also filled with various shopping centers, recreational facilities, and mainly commercial areas. Along with its development, Blok M is now a vital area for transit transportation from South Jakarta and its surroundings to the Central area.

Living in the Blok M area will be a distinct advantage thanks to the presence of various interesting places to fulfill your lifestyle needs. Starting from Blok M Square, a culinary center in Melawai, M Bloc Space, Blok M Plaza, Pasaraya Blok M, various modern spa centers, and an exciting area with Japanese nuances in Little Tokyo.