One of the upscale areas in South Jakarta renowned for its entertainment and shopping centers.

Exclusive kost at Kemang

Kemang is one of the most popular elite areas in Jakarta besides Menteng, Pondok Indah, Pulomas, and Tebet. This area is very popular among the young people of the capital and expatriates who work in Jakarta's central business district.

There are many interesting things that Kemang has to offer for those of you who choose to live in the area. Starting from coffee shops, trendy restaurants, beautiful city parks, shopping centers, night entertainment venues, culinary centers, spa, and various modern sports facilities.

Here, young socialites and expatriates often spend time to gather while enjoying their weekend, chatting with others and spending the night until early mornings.


Kemang is a strategic point close to various interesting places. For those of you who want to explore culinary tourism, you can taste hundreds of delicious dishes at Kemang Village Foodism, Toscana, Thirty Three by Mirasari, and Honu Poke Matcha Bar.

If you want to spend the night at an entertainment venue, there are three most recommended nightclubs, namely Hotel Monopoli, SHY Rooftop, or Queens Head. Apart from that, there are a million interesting activities that you can try in Kemang.

Locations and means of transportations

Since its transformation into a commercial area, the development of transportation access in Kemang has become more adequate. Likewise with the construction of protocol roads to facilitate the mobility of the residents.

Business centers and foreign embassy offices in Jakarta are only 5 km from Kemang, especially the Sudirman and Rasuna Said areas. Interestingly, the government is also working on a new toll road project which can later be accessed from Kemang.