Located in the heart of Central Jakarta where the bustling community thrive, easy access within governance, commercial, and entertainment.

One of the elite areas in Jakarta has been a public concern since the Dutch colonial period. At that time, the Menteng area was used as a residential area for Dutch employees. That is why in this area there are old colonial-style buildings, such as the Paul Church, Cikini Post Office, and the Joang Museum. Now, Menteng has the status as a sub-district which is included in the Central Jakarta Municipality area.

As an elite area in Central Jakarta, we offer a wide selection of exclusive residential units to support your activities. Determine based on unit availability or the appropriate price range.

From the beginning, the development of this elite area was designed to be able to integrate with other suburban areas. By choosing to live in a Menteng boarding house, you will have short access to various recreational and entertainment centers, ranging from Menteng Park, Situ Lembang Park, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta Planetarium, and many more.