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Located in the heart of Central Jakarta where the bustling community thrive, easy access within governance, commercial, and entertainment.

Hub of governance and commercial making Menteng a popular area to live in.

The city seems to never sleeps when you are in this district. With a mix of heritage architecture, it makes Menteng seems classy and exclusive. It is the perfect area for young professionals who like to hustle hard in the heart of the Jakarta.

The location is a popular demand by locals and expats, since it offers easy access and mobility to many service centres and entertainment vicinity.

In the downtime, you could freely explore Taman Menteng and Taman Situ Lembang. Few historic sites such as National Museum, Tanah Prasasti Museum, and the infamous Proclamation Monument.

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IDR 4,4jt / mo
Proklamasi Bus Station

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(4 mins)

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